It is the largest and one of the most modern wellness and anti-aging centers in the Mediterranean. A place where you too can become younger and healthier.

We are pleased to present Aphrodité Wellness, which is located along the longest 36 km long sandy coast of Cyprus. In this exclusive beachfront project, you can choose from 604 specially designed studios, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. The project aims to provide a comprehensive range of treatments, services and programs for those living here, such as cryo-sauna, massage therapy and non-invasive treatments that help maintain a healthy and youthful lifestyle. The entire area of the resort complex is designed to provide all the necessary facilities for rest and relaxation, be it a seawater pool, a yoga island or a water sports club. Near the area of the complex will be one of the most modern plastic institutes on the island, where visitors from all over the world are welcome.


  • Maintained sandy beach
  • Seawater outdoor pool
  • Well-equipped, modern gym
  • Yoga and meditation spaces
  • Wellness and spa: sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and massage therapy
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Cryo-sauna
  • Non-invasive treatment center
  • Plastic Surgery Center
  • Diagnostic and inspection center
  • Surfing and water sports club
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Landscaped parks and gardens


  • 10 minutes to Gaziveren
  • 40 minutes from Girne
  • 50 minutes from Nicosia
  • 60 minutes from Troodos
  • 70 minutes from Larnaca Airport
  • 70 minutes from Ercan Airport
  • 80 minutes from Paphos



2.000,- GBP can be reserved which is included in the purchase price.
The property is therefore held for 1 month until the contract is completed and signed.

- To be paid at signing : 30 % ( minus deposit )
                                 + 0,5 % tax
                                 + GBP 1500,- lawyer's fee ( includes all the paperwork and the application to the foreign buyer )

- Payable on completion of foundation : 20 %

- Payable on completion of structure : 20 %

- Payable on completion of tiling / painting / installation of windows and doors : 20 %

- Payable on completion of the property : 7 %

- Payable 3 months before handover : 5% VAT
                          + infrastructure tax ( depending on the size of the property )

- Payable on handover : 3 % + 3 % ( land registration fee )